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Alchemy Mobile

Powerful Synth and Touch Remote for iPad/iPhone

Turn your iPad/iPhone into an expressive synthesizer studio with stunning sound quality, using the mobile version of Camel Audio's award-winning Alchemy synth, which can be heard on thousands of records by world-class musicians.

Whether you're in the studio or on the move, discover a limitless palette of musical instruments using the unique remix pad to create constantly evolving and expressive sounds. Play deep basses, evocative soundscapes and pulsing arpeggios using the most powerful synthesis engine on iOS, and import your own audio into Alchemy's extensive range of meticulously crafted sound-design templates to create your own uniquely playable sounds.

Powerful, expressive synthesizer
  • Synths, basses, piano, strings, guitar, drum kits and more
  • Incredibly high quality sound - hear it to believe it!
  • Huge variety of sounds thanks to sampler, VA, granular and additive synthesis
Intuitive song sketch pad
  • 4-Track Sequencer with mixer and solo/mute
  • Drum Pads - create your own beats
  • 8 Songs included - have fun remixing tracks
Easily create living, breathing instruments with the Remix Pad
  • Morph between synth variations to create your own sound
  • Tilt and Inertia offer a fun physical way to control the synth
  • 16 Performance Controls so you can easily tweak sounds to fit your music
Sound like a virtuoso with the easy keyboard
  • Velocity sensitivity and per note filter sweeps
  • Numerous keyboard scales and one touch chords - sound great with your eyes closed
  • External MIDI keyboard support
Integrate Alchemy with your other apps
  • Inter-App Audio support
  • Audiobus 2.0 support
  • Integrate Alchemy with your mobile studio
  • Copy and Paste audio
Expandable with a wide range of instrument sound libraries
  • 30 sounds included, with 35 more free when you register
  • Ever-expanding range of add-on libraries available for in-app purchase, including Atmospheric, Ambient, Water and Dream Voices
  • Each library contains 50 sounds (a massive 400 variations)

In-App Pro Upgrade Features

Upgrade and enjoy all these great additional features:

  • Save Songs so you can recall your tunes
  • Create presets from an extensive range of templates
  • Save your own remix pad snapshots
  • Import your own samples from your computer, other iOS audio apps or Dropbox
  • Build your own drum kits
  • Export WAV and MIDI files
  • 8 songs, 75 sounds & 25 loops
  • Pitchbend Each Note by sliding your finger left and right
  • Virtual MIDI - control Alchemy from other Apps such as Beatmaker
  • Save and load individual tracks
  • Record remix pad movements
  • Mark presets as favourites for easy lookup
  • Additional quantize options including triplets
  • Note Erase Mode
  • Additional keyboard scales
  • Auto Sync to External MIDI tempo
  • Poly control - set the number of notes to play at once
  • Latency Control - balance polyphony vs. latency
  • Remote Control of Alchemy or Alchemy Player on your desktop computer
  • Load Alchemy Desktop presets
  • Download Mobile Version of any desktop Sound Libraries you own for free
  • Polyphonic pitchbend and aftertouch sent to desktop Alchemy
  • Free Taste of Camel Sound Library for desktop Alchemy Player


"... the Alchemy Synth Mobile app is an excellent addition to the family. It adds creative opportunities that are well worth your time and money, and is a great synthesizer whether you intend to use it with the desktop version or not."
Sound on Sound
"If you're already an Alchemy user and own an iOS device, AM should be a no-brainer. And at its price point, it's nice to be portable with one of your favorite virtual instruments. And if you've never tried Alchemy in the past, try the free version to see for yourself how good Alchemy really can be."
Recording Magazine
"... Alchemy Mobile can produce choral splendor, chilling palpitations and much in the way of low-end reinforcement."
"It sounds really lush and expressive ... I love the integration, I love the quality of the patches"

Expandable With a Wide Range of Instrument Sound Libraries

Alchemy Mobile includes 30 sounds, plus 35 more free when you register. Expand your collection with in-app purchase Sound Libraries. Each library contains 50 sounds (a massive 400 variations) and is available for just $4.99 / 4.49 / 2.99.

The linked product pages contain the pricing and details of the Mac/PC versions. If you own the desktop version of the above libraries you can download the Mobile version for free, if you purchase the Pro Upgrade.



Alchemy - iPad - Performance Controls Alchemy - iPad - Drum Pads Alchemy - iPad - Preset Browser Alchemy - iPad - In-App Purchase

iPhone / iPod Touch

Alchemy - iPhone/iPod Touch - Remix Pad Alchemy - iPhone/iPod Touch - Drum Pads Alchemy - iPhone/iPod Touch - Performance Controls Alchemy - iPhone/iPod Touch - XY Pads

Click on the thumbnails for a larger version.

System Requirements

Compatible with iPad, iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch 3rd Gen or later. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Alchemy is programmed to make the most of your device, so the more recent your model the higher the polyphony and the lower the latency.

Get Your Free Alchemy Player for Mac/PC

Alchemy Player

If you like Alchemy Mobile, you'll love our free Alchemy Player on your Mac/PC. It takes advantage of the extra processing power available on your desktop computer to offer even higher quality sounds, and works as a VST/AU plugin for sequencers such as Cubase and Garageband. What's more you get the same great touch control when you purchase the Mobile Pro Upgrade and use your iOS device as a touch remote.

Alchemy Player has an inspiring 1GB sample library and 200 instrument sounds, and is expandable with our comprehensive range of Alchemy Sound Libraries.

Download Your Free Alchemy Player Now
Alchemy Mobile is available on the app store
Pro Upgrade
  • Save Songs
  • Export
  • Remote Control
  • Extra Sounds
  • Lots More