Arp Dimensions

Multi-dimensional Arps for Electronica, Ambient & Trance

Arp Dimensions is a bubbling world of cascading melodies, pulsating soundscapes and headbanging layered riffs. No static arpeggios here each preset incorporates extensive programming options to offer a seamless mini-world of evolving possibilities. This library is perfect for genres as diverse as electronica, dance and ambient, all locked in perfect sync to the tempo of your track. Many patches have a dedicated knob for switching between multiple arpeggiated patterns, so it's easy to make them fit your music.

Featuring hypnotic bass riffs, sci-fi bleeps and swooping synth motifs, ethnic percussion workouts, heavenly bells, scraped strings, pulsing voices, calming mantras, plus darting and stuttering chaotica. From classic simplicity to wild note excesses, from gently swelling sparseness to complex multi-layered riffs, Arp Dimensions has it all.


Arp Dimensions

Number of Sounds: 150 (1200 variations)

Sound Categories: 150 Arps (35 Classic, 30 Ambient, 30 Dance, 18 Layered, 14 Arps, 14 Percussive, 9 Bass) - view full preset list

Genres: Electronica, Ambient, Trance, Soundtrack, Hard Dance

Sound Designer: Andre Ettema, Himalaya, Martin Walker, Tasmodia, Adam Szabo, Chris Sciurba, Stephan Romer, biomechanoid, Luftrum, Christian Kjeldsen, Yuroun, Gareth L Devlin, Corin Neff

Download Size: 25 MB (Alchemy Player version 339 MB)

Requirements: Alchemy Player (included) or Alchemy


"Arp Dimensions is a great sound library for everyone looking for arps for their productions. The diversity of the arps is enormous and it works great with Alchemy Player. The exotic sound worlds invite any musician to tweak."
"There are endless possibilities to what you could create with Arp Dimensions. I could not fault the quality of sounds and there is so much you can do with this pack." (88%)
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