[biolabs] Absynth Sounds Vols 4-6

An innovative collection of 386 Absynth presets

[biolabs] Absynth Sounds Vols 4-6 'Darkness and Light' is the second half of the Biolabs library featuring nearly 400 presets for Absynth and over 350 MB of specially-created samples. The sounds have been expertly programmed by Biomechanoid, a respected sound designer and one of the principal authors of the Absynth and Alchemy factory sounds. We're giving away 30 free demo presets for you to get a taste!

Absynth Research Sounds takes full advantage of Absynth's features including sample playback, granular synthesis and surround sound.

Absynth Sounds

The library includes three volumes of 128 sounds: bio:synthesis, bio:rhythmics and bio:sfx+atmospheres. Every preset has at least four specially-selected rapid access controllers, giving you fast access to the most important parameters. These can be used to mix, morph and mutate the sounds providing an enormous range of possibilities. Great for live tweaking!

The library comes with a manual including a brief Absynth tutorial with hints on using the patches and tips for programming your own sounds. The bank is available either as an instant download.

Find out more by downloading the 30 free demo presets (the only restriction is that they use mono samples) or scroll down for demo tunes. Get Absynth Research Sounds and be inspired!

PLEASE NOTE: Native Instruments liked these sounds so much that they bundled approximately 100 of them in 'Absynth Twighlights' which is included with the latest version of Absynth and Komplete, but 75% remain totally unique to this product.

Absynth Sounds - leads, bass, pads, synths bio:synthesis II - is a varied collection of innovative basses, leads, pads and synths.
Absynth Presets - drum and melodic loops bio:rhythmics II - offers a range of loops which you can mix in real-time using the specially-programmed controllers.
Absynth Presets - sfx and atmospheres bio:sfx and atmospheres II - is a collection of special effects and atmospheres, perfect for soundtrack work.

Artist Views

"A huge assortment of sounds that will find their way into your compositions to add dimensions that you could not have created any other way. Biomechanoid is a SICK programmer - some of his best work for Absynth yet!"
John Lehmkuhl, Producer/Composer (for Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey etc.), sound designer for Korg.

"What a great soundset...every patch put a smile on my face. Very playable stuff, which would be great for performance. I hope it's a big hit, you deserve it"
Brian Clevinger, Creator of Absynth

"He has produced one of the finest collections of sounds available for the instrument."
Fitch, Cellist/Composer National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland

"The latest patches from Biomechanoid are absolutely delicious!"
Ned Bouhalassa, TV and film composer.


Native Instruments Absynth 4 or higher.

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