Cinematic Impacts

Sound Effects, Hits & Transitions for Soundtrack, Electronica & Industrial

Cinematic Impacts is the perfect high-energy companion when writing your action-packed blockbuster movie or game. This 105 preset compact sound library is packed with dramatic stings, bowel-loosening impacts, massive hits and crashes, slowly-building surges, swirling transitions and reverses, and vertigo-inducing falls and ricochets. There are sounds here to make you shiver and make you smile, and these mostly one-shot hits and percussive sound effects can also be used to create evolving soundscapes, rhythmic beds and edgy riffs that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Cinematic Impacts also includes 130MB of new sample content, including massive drum hits and loops, mega impacts, dramatic rises and whooshes, plus large bell and gong strikes, spooky drones, and electronic shivers. This sound library contains totally new material, making it the perfect companion to the original 'Cinematic'.


Cinematic Impacts

Number of Sounds: 105 (840 Variations)

Sound Categories: 74 Sound Effects (25 Hits, 17 Transitions, 32 Other), 11 Loops, 8 Drums, 8 Soundscapes, 4 Arps- view full list

Genres: Soundtrack, Electronica, Industrial, Downtempo

Sound Designers: Nick Moritz, Ian Boddy, biomechanoid, Martin Walker, patchen preston, Himalaya, Andre Ettema, Yuroun, Bryan Lee

Download size: 68 MB (Alchemy Player version 215 MB)

Requirements: Alchemy Player (included) or Alchemy


"Itís rare to have sounds that are simultaneously 'out there' and very musical as well. Iíve paid far more for libraries that Iíve gotten far less out of. Like all libraries for Alchemy / Alchemy Player, the presets are just amazing. "

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