Dream Voices

Vocal Soundscapes, Choirs & Pads for Soundtrack and Ambient

Dream Voices is a haunting medley of angelic solos, choral washes and intricately woven vocal gymnastics. Morphed, mutated and modulated voices combine to create ethereal soundscapes, scanned vowels, alien lifeforms and otherworldly articulations. Wordless vocal sounds, phrases and improvised vocal effects, ethnic and synthetic voices, instruments and even vocal percussion and drum kits round out a collection that is both inspirational and harmonically rich.

Featuring nearly 1.3GB of new vocal samples, recorded exclusively for Camel Audio, Dream Voices shows off the individual character and style of four wonderful solo female vocalists.


Dream Voices

Number of Sounds: 150 (1200 variations)

Sound Categories: 37 Soundscapes, 28 Vocals, 26 Pads, 16 Loops, 13 Arps, 11 Sound Effects, 7 Synths, 5 Keys, 4 Bass, 3 Drums - view full list

Genres: Soundtrack, Ambient & Electronica

Sound Designers: biomechanoid, Martin Walker, Nick Moritz, Ian Boddy, Patchen, Simon Stockhausen, Ole Jeppesen, Andre Ettema, Christian Kjeldsen, Corin Neff, Tasmodia, Himalaya

Download size: 1GB (Alchemy Player version 1GB)

Requirements: Alchemy Player (included) or Alchemy


"There are lots of great libraries in the Camel Audio line, but Dream Voices may well be its flagship. As a showcase for just how much a simple vocal can be twisted into something entirely new by Alchemy’s programming engine, or as a lovely pre-sentation of truly new and arresting music from four beautiful voices, it simply shines."
Recording Magazine
"This expansion for Alchemy and the free Alchemy Player includes natural solo and choral singing, a wide range of experimental sounds from alien voices to abstract noises and pulsating soundscapes to fragile arpeggios. .... A fantastic collection of angelic singing, choruses and spectacular hybrid sounds."
6/6 - Editor Recommended
Beat Magazine

The Vocalists

Anna Lynne

Anna-Lynne Williams is the singer of Seattle based indie rock band Trespassers William, whose music has featured on numerous films and TV programs. She has appeared on albums by the Chemical Brothers, AFI, and Minotaur Shock, and recently released a solo album under the name "Lotte Kestner".
Trespassers William


Anneke Kampman is one half of Conquering Animal Sound, a Glasgow-based duo, who make flowing, abstract electrical noises. They released their debut single "Giant" on Gerry Loves Records in 2010, and their debut album, "Kammerspiel", is out now on Gizeh/mini50 Records.
Conquering Animal Sound

Chantal Acda

Chantal Acda has been performing and recording under the name Sleepingdog since 2006. "Polar Life" is her second album following her debut "Naked in a Clean Bed". On both these records Chantal has worked with Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid/Dead Texan).

Elly May

Elly May Irving formed Glissando in the early 2000's with Richard Knox. Their debut album "With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards the Burning Sea" was released to critical acclaim on Gizeh in 2008. Elly stamps her mark with a distinctive, haunting vocal style.

The four vocalists in this Sound Library appear courtesy of Gizeh Records.

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