Electronic Bass

Basses for Electronica, Drum and Bass & Techno

Electronic Bass is a voyage into the depths, offering cutting precision and rock-solid foundations. From rich and powerful to clean and deep, thin and wiry to the thickest layers imaginable, this collection covers everything from hard techno bass that can slice through a mix to smooth, throbbing sub-basses, phat synthesised tones, filthy electro, deep dubstep wobble basses, short attacking stabs, speaker-shredding filter sweeps, deep hypnotic arpeggios and bouncing, sequenced bass loops.

Suitable for a wide range of genres from dubstep to techno, Electronic Bass also introduces over fifty new sampled bass sounds, and has been carefully sorted into folder categories so you can quickly find the most suitable candidate for your project.


Electronic Bass

Number of Sounds: 150 (1200 variations)

Sound Categories: 150 Basses (40 Classic, 23 Distorted, 17 Layered, 17 Sweep, 16 Short, 14 Wobble, 8 Sub), 8 Arps, 7 Loops - view full preset list

Genres: Electronica, Techno, Hard Dance, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat

Sound Designers: Andre Ettema, Nick Moritz, Himalaya, Ian Boddy, Bryan Lee, biomechanoid, patchen preston, Yuroun

Download Size: 87 MB (Alchemy Player version 332 MB)

Requirements: Alchemy Player (included) or Alchemy


"Electronic Bass is a great package with lots of nice, inspiring bass sounds for electronic music productions. From simple, supporting bass sounds to big juicy sounding or extremely loud screaming basses." (8/10)
Maak Digitale Muziek
"Stylistically you’re on solid ground, with a range of basses suitable for techno, drum and bass, house, dubstep, breakbeat and their myriad sub-genres. ... There’s everything from short bass stabs to hardcore electronic madness."
Music Tech Magazine

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