Ian Boddy: Analogica

Soundscapes, Pads and Sound Effects for Ambient, Electronica & Soundtrack

Ian Boddy: Analogica is a rich marriage of classic synths and Alchemy's sophisticated digital manipulation. Created in a studio crammed with analogue hardware, enjoy a host of unique effects from shimmering ring mod and FM soundscapes, gently flanging pads, darting & weaving arpeggios, rich and squelchy Minimoog basses to subtle wavetable movement, gritty, growling hard sync and walls of modular madness.

Analogica features over 800MB of new sounds from a drool-worthy synth collection including modular setups from Analogue Systems, Doepfer, Roland and Serge, and classics such as the VCS3, Minimoog and Moog Voyager. Ian Boddy has been at the forefront of the UK Electronic scene since 1983, with a formidable reputation as a sound designer, and a host of album and sample CD credits.



Number of Sounds: 150 (1200 variations)

Sound Categories: 30 Soundscapes, 26 Pads, 24 Sound Effects, 21 Synth, 17 Arps, 16 Leads, 16 Bass - view full list

Genres: Ambient, Electronica & Soundtrack

Sound Designer: Ian Boddy

Download size: 533MB (Alchemy Player version 533MB)

Requirements: Alchemy Player (included) or Alchemy

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