'This is a great way for musicians to get some inspiring new sounds and help us look after Planet Earth for future generations at the same time!'

Vicki Bradley, Friends of the Earth

Planet Earth

Rich pads, inventive soundscapes and ethnic loops. 50% to charity.

Planet Earth is jammed with jungle soundscapes and tribal rhythms, industrial basses and warped machines. From ancient ritual to glimpses of alternate futures, it offers a world of new sounds for modern electronica, ambient and dance, yet manages to be both warm, lush, light and airy, as well as dark, dramatic and icy, just like Planet Earth itself.

Featuring gamelan bowls and oriental bells, bamboo bongos, glass instruments, mechanical pianos, electronic and vocal drones, Planet Earth features 320MB of new samples, including rich pads, ethnic loops, inventive soundscapes, powerful electronic basses as well as synthesisers and broken machines. It was created by a talented team of sound designers from around the globe.

50% of what you pay is donated to environmental charity Friends of the Earth.

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Planet Earth

Number of Sounds: 150 (1200 variations)

Sound Categories: 35 Pads, 29 Soundscapes, 19 Arpeggiated, 17 Loops, 15 Bass, 11 Synths, 9 Keys, 6 Vocals, 5 Mallets, 4 Leads - view full preset list

Genres: Electronica, Ambient & Downtempo

Sound Designers: Andre Ettema, BigTone, Yuroun, biomechanoid, Nick Moritz, Himalaya, Ian Boddy, bManic, patchen preston, Cyforce, Bryan Lee

Download Size: 192 MB (Alchemy Player version 555MB)

Requirements: Alchemy Player (included) or Alchemy

50% to Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth campaign on today's most urgent environmental and social issues. They work to end the tragedies surrounding oil and gas extraction, fight for justice for the communities affected by climate change, and promote initiatives that generate sustainable livelihoods.

Friends of the Earth also work to preserve forests, which are in trouble, due to massive increases in logging. Forests store carbon and regulate our climate and thus are crucial in our fight against climate change. They provide the livelihoods of many local communities and are also home to some of the most diverse habitats on earth.

Proud Members of 1% For The Planet

For many years, we've been members of 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses committed to donating at least 1% of sales to environmental charities. For every $100 you spend on our software, we donate at least $1 to charities such as Friends Of The Earth and Sustrans.

We deliver our software as an immediate electronic download to avoid the environmental cost of producing and shipping DVDs and packaging.

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50% to Charity

50% of what you pay will be donated to environmental charity, Friends of the Earth. So far we have donated:


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