Starscape Absynth Sounds

A unique collection of 250 Absynth presets

Starscape Absynth Sounds

Starscape Absynth Sounds is a collection of 250 high quality presets for Absynth, designed by Tim Conrardy, featuring evolving, moving textures, 'alien' ethnic instruments, intricate rhythms, 'spacial' basses and leads, and otherworldly sound effects.

These meticulously-designed patches have numerous performance controls assigned for easy tweaking and spontaneous far-flung sound explorations!

The set also includes a 230 MB collection of specially-created samples from a wide variety of sources. These include algorithmic patterns created with a variety of programs, Max/MSP processing, custom-made circuit bent devices, vocal and vocoding experiments, analog modular systems and additive synthesis. Acoustic instruments were also sampled, including ethnic percussion, guitars, violin and many types of flute. A field recorder was used to bring the technique of Musique Concrète into the modern age. These recordings include sounds from the desert, rock and wood scrapings, water sounds from the ocean and streams, man-made sounds such as scraping concrete against bricks and various samples from the city.

Find out more by downloading the 20 free demo presets (the only restriction is that they use mono samples), reading the manual, or scroll down for demo tunes. Get Starscape Absynth Sounds and be inspired!

Artist Views

"Starscapes are some of the most versatile sounds I have ever heard in my 20 years of scoring for picture. These sounds will inspire, enhance, shake, rattle and rock your sound palette!"
Terry Michael Huud, Composer for Discovery Channel/Dimension Films/Miramax, etc


Native Instruments Absynth 4 or higher.

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