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Taste of Camel

A tasty appetizer of 120 Presets and 1GB Samples

Taste of Camel is a tasty appetizer of stunning presets chosen from Alchemy's full menu of libraries. Consisting of five presets carefully chosen from each of 24 libraries, this comprehensive 120-preset collection covers genres as diverse as Electronica and Ambient to Pop and Dubstep. All are fully tagged for the new preset browser in Alchemy Player v1.5, which is included for free.

The collection features 1GB of samples and multi-sampled SFZ instruments including synths, guitars, basses, sound effects, drum kits and loops.

Taste of Camel costs just $15 / 12 / 10 which includes the same value in Camel Credits to spend on future purchases. Or alternatively, purchase any Camel Audio product from our website and get Taste Of Camel at no extra cost.


Taste of Camel

Number of Sounds: 120 (960 variations)

Sound Categories: 26 Pads, 20 Soundscapes, 18 Basses, 12 Arps, 10 Loops, 8 Synths, 8 Sound Effects, 6 Leads, 4 Vocals, 3 Drums, 2 Strings, 2 Guitar, 1 Mallet.

Genres: Electronica, Ambient, Dubstep, Pop, House

Sound Designers: biomechanoid, Himalaya, Luftrum, Martin Walker, Bryan Lee, Junkie XL, Nico Herz, Ian Boddy, Andre Ettema, Nick Moritz and many more.

Download size: 567MB (Alchemy Player version 786MB)

Requirements: Alchemy Player v1.5 (included) or Alchemy v1.5

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