50% of sales are donated to FRANK Water who help provide clean water in developing countries.


Soundscapes, Pads and Keys for Ambient & Soundtrack

Water is overflowing with aquatic musical instruments, rippling pads, tidal soundscapes, rhythmic splashes, inventive water machines, and wave-like takes on traditional sounds - all with extensive remix variations for real-time performance.

Water features 150 presets and 530MB of samples including oceans, lakes and rivers, rain, thunderstorms, splashes, bubbles, seaweed, ice impacts, and more - resulting in a diverse collection of unique and highly musical sounds that are suited to a wide range of genres.

50% of what you pay is donated to FRANK Water, who help provide clean water in developing countries.

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Number of Sounds: 150 (1200 variations)

Sound Categories: 25 Soundscapes, 22 Pads, 17 Keys, 17 Synths, 17 Bass, 14 Rhythmic, 12 Arps, 12 Sound Effects, 5 Drums, 5 Mallets, 3 Leads, 1 Guitar - view full list

Genres: Ambient, Soundtrack, Electronica, Downtempo

Sound Designer: Nick Moritz, biomechanoid, patchen preston, Ian Boddy, Chris Sciurba, Himalaya, Martin Walker, bManic, Luftrum, Corin Neff, Bryan Lee, Ole Jeppesen

Download size: 474MB (Alchemy Player version 474MB)

Requirements: Alchemy Player v1.5 (included) or Alchemy v1.5

FRANK Water - Clean Water Save Lives


FRANK Water is a charity which funds sustainable clean water projects in developing countries across the world. The small team of field workers and researchers provides communities with safe, clean water, removing both chemical and biological contaminants that cause disease. The projects are community owned and run, with a priority on community ownership, education and longevity.

In a world where more than 4,000 children die every day from a lack of clean drinking water, itís clear that help is urgently needed. We're proud to be able to partner with FRANK Water and our customers to help be a small part of the solution.

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50% of what you pay will be donated to FRANK Water, who help provide clean water in developing countries. So far we have donated:


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