D Ramirez

Dean produces music under the names D. Ramirez and Fingers Inc. He also runs two labels; Vudu and Slave Recordings, and records for dance labels such as Junior, Yoshitoshi, Whoop, Kingsize and Choo Choo. His tunes receive a great deal of airplay on stations such as the UKs Radio 1.

What do you like most about Cameleon 5000?

What I like most about the Cameleon 5000 is it's re-synthesis function and it's uncomplicated approach to additive synthesis. What's really interesting is to load short samples into the re-synthesis engine and listen to the results of how it attempts to mimic the sample, vocals work especially well and you can get some pretty weird sounds and variations for the ear candy that most modern productions require. I like to load percussion samples into it, which I can then play pitched over the lengh of the keyboard and it also seems to give a real electronic edge to the sound, which again is great for creating different variations of old tried and tested samples. Again, Camel Audio have managed to create a really intuative plug-in which is so easy to work with and so uncomplicated that it actually begs to be programmed.

What do you like most about CamelPhat?

CamelPhat is actually my favourite plug-in regardless of price. As it's so vesatile it tends to get used on pretty much everything. What I like most about it is the way it is layed out and presented; the fact that there are two filters on board, each with a different and unique sound and they are wired together in such a perfect way as to make it almost child's play. In fact, by looking at it you wouldn't actually believe what it is capable of. I only wish that other plug-in manufacturers would take note!