Cameleon 5000 v1.7

Additive synthesizer for pads, soundscapes... - VSTi/Audio Unit/RTAS

Cameleon Replaced by Alchemy

Alchemy can do everything Cameleon can, including re-synthesis, morphing, loading Cameleon presets, and a whole lot more. Alchemy has the most powerful additive synthesis engine available in any soft synth. It includes very high quality resynthesis with up to 600 stereo oscillators, plus realtime modulation of additive parameters and a much easier to use editor which offers access to individual partials.

Alchemy allows you to manipulate sounds in ways which are impossible with any other soft synth or sampler. Alchemy features the most powerful additive synthesis engine with the most accurate resynthesis available in any plugin, along with spectral and granular synthesis, sampling, and a fat sounding virtual analog engine - it's like getting five synths for the price of one! You can morph or crossfade between sources for anything from vector mixing, to morphing one voice into another.

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Cameleon Overview

Cameleon 5000 additive synthesizer - VSTi instrument / Audio Unit 800+ presets - pads, ambiences, evolving textures and much more.

Additive synthesis - create any sound you can imagine.

Morphing - a great way to create new and evolving sounds.

Resynthesis - do things samplers can only dream of!

Cameleon 5000 is an additive synth, featuring resynthesis and sound morphing, which excels at pads and evolving textures and comes with a library of over 800 presets. At its heart is the morph square which allows you to morph between four different instruments at once. You can also use the morph timeline to create rhythmic loops, evolving soundscapes and pads. Uniquely, Cameleon comes with a range of preset morph timelines, to make creating new sounds even easier.

Cameleon can import sampled sounds (WAV/AIFF) into any of the four voice slots, or you can choose from the extensive range of built-in voices. Cameleon breaks sounds down into both a harmonic and noise component, for much higher quality and greater flexibility.

Cameleon also allows you to import image (BMP) files and turn them into sounds. This provides an extremely powerful way to design never-heard-before sounds. If you're ever stuck for inspiration, just try loading up any picture - perhaps a photo of your mum!

Once you've imported a sound you can edit it in ways which would be impossible with a conventional sampler. You have independent control over each of the harmonics, so you can (for example) boost all the odd harmonics - or even draw your own harmonic spectra!

Every part of Cameleon's interface has been designed with ease of use in mind; the 'Easy' page is just one example. On the Easy page you'll find simple but powerful controls to quickly shape the sound, including changing the balance of harmonics and noise, adding LFOs, or editing the amplitude envelope. You can also use the unique 'stretch' parameter to time-stretch sounds in real-time without the loss in quality associated with sampled instruments.

Cameleon has a comprehensive set of effects, including a sweepable formant filter, distortion, compression, chorus, delay and reverb. Cameleon is supplied with over 800 presets, all arranged into categories (pads, leads, basses, and so on). If you're after instant inspiration, just select the type of sound you require (eg. rhythmics) and hit the random button to get an entirely new random rhythmic loop! Cameleon also comes with a well-written manual including tutorials and tips on getting the best out of it.


  • 800+ presets arranged in categories - pads, ambiences, leads, basses and more.
  • Import and morph WAV/AIFF files.
  • Import/export BMP images.
  • Multi-sampling resynthesis for more realistic and expressive instruments.
  • One-click 'morphing square', to morph between four sounds at a time.
  • Separate control of amplitude envelope, harmonics and noise.
  • Morph timeline with presets, for fast creation of evolving patches.
  • High quality 'stretch'.
  • Complete control over each harmonic.
  • 128-band noise generator, 64 detunable partials.
  • Sweepable formant filter, distortion, compression, chorus, delay, reverb.


"Cameleon is a hugely playable instrument with an unusually supple, fluid sound. Features such as morphing and stretch add masses of expressive potential, and Cameleon 5000 is very much a software synth for musicians as well as sound designers."
Sound on Sound, UK, 04/2004
"If the complexity of additive synthesis makes you wary of using it, this could be the plug-in instrument that will win you round. The variety of sounds it can produce is amazing. Cameleon represents a new approach to synthesis and a great way to sculpt some unique synthetic sounds."
8/10, Innovation Award Computer Music, UK, 02/2004
"Cameleon 5000 is a powerful and well-designed synthesizer. The user interface makes additive synthesis about as easy as it's ever likely to be. This synth is not just multi-colored, it's a Key Buy-winning little monster."
Key Buy Award
Keyboard, US, 2004
"Cameleon 5000 is clearly a fantastic synth, and one that takes a number of established ideas and a few new ones and runs with them. I kept thinking was surely it couldn't be this simple making such expressive, responsive sounds."
Platinum Award
Future Music, US, 05/2004

Artist Views

"I've used the Cameleon 5000 on my new LP - mostly for padish, atmospherics and weird special lead sounds. I love putting voices into it and morphing them together!"
Paul Hartnoll (Orbital)

"Cameleon 5000 is the first synth that I have lost myself in since the DX-7."
Steve Everitt (Ozric Tentacles)


PC Pentium III 1GHz, 128 MB RAM, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, VSTi host.
Mac G4 733 Mhz, 128 MB RAM, Mac OS 9/X, VSTi/Audio Units/RTAS host.

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