How do I install Alchemy (Mac)?

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The Problem

I've downloaded Alchemy and Camel Sounds files but I'm not sure how to install the plugin or the content.

Quick Fix

The basic steps to install Alchemy and the content on a Mac are:

  1. Place the following files on the desktop:

    • the Alchemy installer package
    • AlchemyAllPresets.CamelSounds
    • the CamelSounds sample content files
  2. Double-click the Alchemy installer package
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions

Important: you must use the 'Download Your Latest Presets' button located at the top of the Product Downloads page of your account when installing Alchemy or any new sound library. This file contains all presets licensed to your account.

The Camel Sounds content files will be automatically unpacked to the installation folder. Restart your host so that the plugin is recognised.

We recommend using the default installation path for the Alchemy data folder, unless you prefer to install the content to a non-system disk.

More Information

Step-by-step instructions for installing Alchemy on Mac and Windows are available in the online manual.

If you have already installed Alchemy, but did not install the sound libraries or Factory content it is possible to install the content separately.

Contact Info

If your question isn't answered by the FAQs, please email support@camelaudio .com and we'll be happy to help.

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