Why can I not see some of Alchemy's menus on Windows XP?

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The Problem

    Unfortunately, Windows XP can only keep track of a limited number of files running at once.

    However, for Alchemy's file menus to work, Alchemy needs to be able to keep track of all samples in the data folder.

    Running numerous Sound Libraries in Alchemy can easily exceed XP's limitations and the problem is even further exacerbated when other programs are running in the background. This can often result in dropdown menus, including the source menus, not appearing in Alchemy.

Quick Fix

    If you are running Windows XP, you will have to temporarily move the sample folders for your sound libraries out of the Alchemy Samples folder, leaving only the factory files in there. When you think you need presets from a particular bank, move the samples for that bank back into the samples folder.

    Also, be sure you've got as few other programs running as possible, as this will free up some extra resources.

Further Information

    Microsoft greatly improved the problem with the introdution of Windows Vista, and completely solved it with Windows 7 onwards.

    We apologise for the inconvenience here and realise this is a somewhat impractical workaround. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of XP that has since been resolved by Microsoft, and we are unable to change this.