How do I download and install the latest version of CamelSpace?

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The Problem

Where do I download the the latest version of CamelSpace?

Quick Fix

The latest version of CamelSpace, is always available from your Camel Audio support account. Log in and and click the Product Downloads link on the left. The latest installers for Mac and Windows are listed on this page.

More Information

To determine which version of CamelSpace you have installed, check the GUI below the CamelSpace logo:

CamelSpace Version Number

Compare the GUI version number to the number displayed to the right of this page, and on the main the support page. When an update is released we will increment the minor version number. For example, and update to v1.50.0 would be displayed on the right side of this page as 1.50.1.

To install an updated version of CamelSpace you only need to run the installer or set up program - the necessary components will be updated automatically. It is not necessary to re-install the presets, and your own presets and any presets used in your projects will continue to function as before.

Contact Info

If your question isn't answered by the FAQs, please email support@camelaudio .com and we'll be happy to help.

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