Why can't I log in to my support account?

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If you have created a new account, please ensure the account has been activated.

If your account has been activated, or you have previously been able to access to your account but now find you cannot log in, your support account may have been locked. Accounts will be locked for the following reasons:

1) You entered an incorrect password more than three time while trying to log in
2) You tried to register an invalid serial number more than three times
3) You are logging in from a different location to the registered address on the account

To unlock your account you will need to e-mail customer support:


To ensure the minimum delay, please contact us using the e-mail address registered to your support account, and include the following details from your account:

- full name
- the street address
- phone number

These details will help us verify you as the owner of the account and any licenses registered to the account. If we are satisfied the details are correct we will be happy to unlock the account for you.

Please note: it is not possible to log in to the Camel Audio web site using a proxy server. To avoid any problems, ensure you are logging in from your real IP address when accessing your account.