Tim Conrardy Passed Away

2 March 2009

On Saturday (28th of February 2009) we lost our talented sound designer Tim Conrardy. Many of you will have corresponded with him through his tech support role and have witnessed first hand his patience and enthusiasm for music.

He will be missed by all of us as a wonderfully generous and kind colleague and friend and we want to send our condolence to his family and especially his wife and daughter.

If you want to pay your condolences you can post here.

Tim, you will be missed!

Tim Conrardy


Memorial site- memorial site created on behalf of his family
AlgoMusic - his plugin creations including M42 Nebula and M51 Galaxy
Tims Atari Midi World - shares his love of Atari Midi processing tools

Tims Music

Tim has written a great deal of music - the following is just a small selection that we have on our server.

Beautiful Galaxy
Deep Forest
Bio Spheres
Anns Song

A Brief History of Tims Sound Design

Tim started learning about synthesis in the 1970's with electronic music lessons from Professor Allen Strange. He then became the electronic music tutor at DeAnza college in California, where he learnt many forms of synthesis. In the 1980's he was hired by Sound Connections to create patches for the DX7. In the 1990's he worked as a sound engineer for Investments In Nature Studio where he produced numerous artists. At around the same time he created Tims Atari Midi World to spread his love for using the MIDI processing applications on the Atari.

Tim then began working with softsynths, creating two highly acclaimed banks for Green Oak Crystal. This lead to numerous companies contacting him for sound design work. Alongside his commercial work, he created numerous free soundbanks and became a very well known and liked member of the KvR community. He started his own company AlgoMusic which created many products including M42 Nebula and M51 Galaxy. Tim began working for Camel Audio in early 2006 providing support and also working on sound design, including creating sample content and presets for Alchemy as well as sounds for CamelSpace and CamelPhat.

Tims legacy lives on in the inspiration and encouragement he has given to others, as well as in his music and sound design.

He created sounds for (amongst others) - Big Tick Audio's Rhino, FL Studio's Sytrus, Concrete FX Kubik, Dash Signature EVE, Wusik Station, Many Station, Muse Research's Receptor, Antares's Filter, HG Fortune's Wheel of Fortune Pro, Ohm Force's Symtohm Mellohman, LinPlug Audio's Albino, EVM's Mobius, Stienberg's Plex, White Noise Audio's Additive, NI Absynth, EMU MP7/ Proteus 2000, The Yamaha DX7.