Alchemy v1.10 Released

13 July 2009

We have updated our sample manipulation synthesizer Alchemy to v1.10.10 and released over 200 free sounds for registered users of Alchemy and the add-on soundbanks.

The factory content has been expanded with almost 150 purer and less experimental sounds, the Electronic bank now has an additional 35 dance sounds and the Atmospheric bank has 30 extra smooth pads and soundscapes. The presets were specially commisioned from world class sound designers Robert Rich, Luftrum, Lotuzia, bManic, Adam van Baker, Ugo, Ole Jeppesen, Martin Walker, Jim Hunter, Paul Nauert and Christian Kjeldsen.

Alchemy v1.10.10 has numerous enhancements and fixes including right click context sensitive help, ability to analyse files up to 5 mins in length, an easier to use file import dialog including scroll wheel support and reduced GUI opening times.

Registered users can download the latest update for free by logging in on the support page, and going to the downloads section.

The demo version of Alchemy can be downloaded from the Alchemy product page on the Camel Audio website, where you'll also find tutorial videos, example MP3s and lots more. Alchemy costs 249USD / 199EUR / 179GBP and is available directly from Camel Audio as a download.

Click here for the Alchemy demo and further information.

New features:

- Right click context sensitive help
- Ability to analyse files up to 5 mins in length
- New additive pitch setting
- Easier to use import file dialog including scroll wheel support
- File browser recognises alias's (OSX) and shortcuts (Win)
- Reduced GUI opening time
- Improved auto assign and remix pad variations
- Choose whether Alchemy should start in simple or advanced mode
- Option to invert performance knobs on right click menu
- Effects rack scrollbar shrinks/expands depending on number of effects loaded
- Mod depth snaps to semitone values when applied to tune
- Additive editor shows active partials
- Snap additive partials to semitone/dB
- Copy/paste commands in additive file menu update depending on view
- New snapshot volume control
- Extra 6dB of volume
- User details displayed in about box and at startup
- Sampler now supports forward/back loop mode
- Right click option to assign single knob


- Improved import browser to recall same location as last used
- Fixed key velocity ignored in arpeggiator chord mode
- Improved automation behaviour
- Fixed issue with rapid loading of patches in Reaper
- Fixed problem with full stop in folder into which Alchemy is installed
- Fixed problems with AAZ saving on song saves
- Fixed step sequencer steps displaying unevenly when snap on
- Fixed looped spectral synthesis degrading over time
- Fixed jumping parameters in Kore and with Automap
- Fixed hanging notes when moving arp source knob
- Fixed various additive editor issues
- Improved default file path for additive and spectral image import
- Fixed morphing behaviour so that when using different synthesis methods it crossfades
- Fixed arp behaviour with sustain pedal
- Fixed issue with additive synthesis high pitch artifacts
- Fixed issue with MSEGs at note off
- Fixed so can expand MSEG using last node
- Fixed installer conflicts with Nexus v1 and Crative Labs Alchemy
- Fixed can now erase bottom few rows of pixels in Spectral editor
- Fixed various GUI display issues
- Fixed issue with too many files in samples folder
- Improved so default file name for AAZ reflects preset name
- Improved robustness when computer runs out of memory
- Fixed perform->clear causing a few presets to sound different
... Numerous other fixes and improvements

New Factory Sounds

ArpsAmbient Ripples Martin Walker
ArpsArp Flutish PadLotuzia
ArpsArpeggio Song Ole Jeppesen
ArpsDriven Ugo
ArpsFurry Ugo
ArpsGetting The JittersMartin Walker
ArpsHammered Ugo
ArpsHeavy Water Ugo
ArpsHouse Pike AdamTrance
ArpsImpish Ugo
ArpsPolynesian Arp MorphPaul Nauert
ArpsSequenced SquareAdamTrance
ArpsSpring Loaded Ugo
ArpsSquishy Ugo
ArpsTangerine Arp Ole Jeppesen
ArpsWarning Sign Ugo
ArpsWind Up Ugo
Bass80s Disco FunK Lotuzia
BassAbused bManic
BassApparent RandomLotuzia
BassBiFilter Head Lotuzia
BassDub Bass Ole Jeppesen
BassElectric AnalogLotuzia
BassEvil Sub bManic
BassFace Plant bManic
BassFat Rez Buster Lotuzia
BassLazarus bManic
BassNosier Jim Hunter
BassReZistance Lotuzia
BassVoYetra Mute LogsLotuzia
BrassVintage Brassy PadLotuzia
Guitars24 Strings 0 PickUpLotuzia
GuitarsHither & ZitherMartin Walker
GuitarsSmooth HarP Lotuzia
GuitarsSteel Repeater Martin Walker
Keys80s BellKeyPad A Lotuzia
KeysBell Keys B Lotuzia
KeysBell Keys Lotuzia
KeysBrassy Prophet Lotuzia
KeysDark and FunKy EPv Lotuzia
KeysElektroFunky Clav BPLotuzia
KeysFM Lite Rhodes Lotuzia
KeysFM Rhodes T Lotuzia
KeysFunky Nasal Clavinet Lotuzia
KeysGotan Lounge Lotuzia
KeysHaunted Plucks Robert Rich
KeysKeytar III Lotuzia
KeysLaZy Vibes Lotuzia
KeysNaive Bells V Lotuzia
KeysWavy KOoKeys Lotuzia
Leads3 Osc Stack Lotuzia
Leads80s Analog Bells Lotuzia
LeadsAlanog Chant V Lotuzia
LeadsBrasserie Lipp Lotuzia
LeadsButter Cut Saw bManic
LeadsButter Cut SquarebManic
LeadsDistorama -Hard- Lotuzia
LeadsHoffa Goes Saw bManic
LeadsPatience Luftrum
LeadsPortaLead IIILotuzia
LeadsSync Lead Ole Jeppesen
LeadsVocoDaftesque Lotuzia
LoopsBreath of Life Paul Nauert
LoopsBroken Dreams Paul Nauert
LoopsCascade Jim Hunter
LoopsChigger Paul Nauert
LoopsChoreography Paul Nauert
LoopsCountdown to ApocalypseJim Hunter
LoopsCrystal EmpiresJim Hunter
LoopsFormal Logic Luftrum
LoopsOrchid Cargo Luftrum
LoopsPandora's Box Jim Hunter
LoopsRanDrone A Lotuzia
LoopsSeq & Distroy Ugo
MalletsBell Scraper Martin Walker
MalletsBell Studio Ole Jeppesen
MalletsGlass LabyrinthMartin Walker
MalletsKooL ViBes Lotuzia
MalletsMalletarium A Lotuzia
MalletsMurmering BellsMartin Walker
OrgansAD CrumariZed Lotuzia
OrgansOrgan Harmonia Martin Walker
PadsAirport BreakfastLuftrum
PadsCinematique Luftrum
PadsDelerium Luftrum
PadsDune Mantra Luftrum
PadsEclipse Of MindLuftrum
PadsGeneral AnaestheticPaul Nauert
PadsIsland Tales Luftrum
PadsLush Ugo
PadsNovember Voice Luftrum
PadsSea Of Possibilities Lotuzia
PadsShimmer bManic
PadsSpies & Agents Luftrum
PadsThe Traveller bManic
PadsTouch Pad Paul Nauert
Sound EffectsAnt Patrol Robert Rich
Sound EffectsBreakdown BooomJim Hunter
Sound EffectsDownlift AdamTrance
Sound EffectsDry Riser Jim Hunter
Sound EffectsEvil Clown AttackRobert Rich
Sound EffectsGurglePulse Robert Rich
Sound EffectsLfoids 1 Lotuzia
Sound EffectsR3D3 Lotuzia
Sound EffectsRing-O-StarsLotuzia
Sound EffectsTroll Bridge Robert Rich
Sound EffectsWaafleSnap Robert Rich
SoundscapesAmberville Luftrum
SoundscapesBaked flower pad chordChristian Kjeldsen
SoundscapesBlip Blop bManic
SoundscapesBrokingChristian Kjeldsen
SoundscapesCosmos bManic
SoundscapesDark Matter Jim Hunter
SoundscapesDrOOne A Lotuzia
SoundscapesEnter The UnknownbManic
SoundscapesFoggy morphChristian Kjeldsen
SoundscapesGloomy Apparition VibeSLotuzia
SoundscapesGreyphex Luftrum
SoundscapesHaunted Bell TreeMartin Walker
SoundscapesKevork the DataRobert Rich
SoundscapesMachineRoomNightmare2Robert Rich
SoundscapesMessages From The ExpanseMartin Walker
SoundscapesMiasma Jim Hunter
SoundscapesMoonlight Ugo
SoundscapesRusted OvertonesPaul Nauert
SoundscapesShifting Sands Martin Walker
SoundscapesSpacestation AbandonedLuftrum
SoundscapesTim's Trip Jim Hunter
SoundscapesWeather by MoodbManic
StringsHybrid Solo String Ugo
StringsOrch Hybrid Robert Rich
StringsPiZzOoGeniC Lotuzia
SynthBladehawke Luftrum
SynthD-Fifty Metal PadOle Jeppesen
SynthMonolith TempleLuftrum
SynthSansSeraphim Robert Rich
SynthSilence One Ole Jeppesen
SynthVelocity DuellistsLotuzia
VocalsChoir Of DarknessMartin Walker
VocalsChoir Of Hosts Martin Walker
VocalsVoxOrgana Robert Rich
WoodwindsFlutes-OpenLow Robert Rich
WoodwindsFlutey Chamberlinesque Robert Rich
WoodwindsNative American Flute Martin Walker

New Atmospheric Sounds

Pads10 Miles To Mars Luftrum
PadsArt Noir Luftrum
PadsBehind Bridges Luftrum
PadsBelletrist Luftrum
PadsCloud Chorus Robert Rich
PadsDark Places Jim Hunter
PadsDawn Jim Hunter
PadsGlassical MusicJim Hunter
PadsHotel Endless Luftrum
PadsMystic Pad Ole Jeppesen
PadsNoTcH ConCerTo Lotuzia
PadsParallel Motion Luftrum
PadsQuiet Pads -anim- Lotuzia
PadsSinging Pad Ole Jeppesen
PadsSpectral Cycles Paul Nauert
PadsStemcells Luftrum
PadsTgate A Lotuzia
PadsUndulation Station Paul Nauert
PadsVector Untitled Luftrum
PadsVintage SawPad & Trance Ole Jeppesen
SoundscapesAvoidance Robert Rich
SoundscapesBowed Abandon Martin Walker
SoundscapesCalling Darkly Robert Rich
SoundscapesDistant Machinescape Robert Rich
SoundscapesMachine City bManic
SoundscapesMachine Dreams Martin Walker
SoundscapesPudding pad chordChristian Kjeldsen
SoundscapesSizzleBlurry Robert Rich
SoundscapesTeethChristian Kjeldsen
SoundscapesThe Glitch Machine Luftrum

New Electronic Sounds

ArpsGated Monster AdamTrance
ArpsMega Trance AdamTrance
ArpsPulsing Bottles Lotuzia
ArpsTrance Runner AdamTrance
ArpsTrancey Chord AdamTrance
BassBass & Lead Ole Jeppesen
BassClavi Bass Ole Jeppesen
BassDeep Plucks Lotuzia
BassDig the Dig Jim Hunter
BassLogistic Statistic Jim Hunter
BassPower 2 Cbass Mw Lotuzia
BassRubber Moog Bass Ole Jeppesen
BassTeeBee PortaSteroneLotuzia
BassThe ReZ BriGaDe Lotuzia
BassWet Willy Ugo
LeadsFat n Voicy Lotuzia
LeadsFx Stutter Lead Lotuzia
LeadsGrainy Rez Blows Lotuzia
LeadsLeads UnitedOle Jeppesen
LeadsMake It Sing Ugo
LeadsMentasmical Jim Hunter
LeadsNot Alone Luftrum
LeadsSaw-Lid One Lotuzia
LeadsSolar Flare bManic
LeadsSquare Squad Lotuzia
LoopsAdam PulsarAdamTrance
LoopsChewy Groove Ugo
LoopsRythmic Gate Ole Jeppesen
LoopsScratch1Jim Hunter
LoopsSequence Food BP A Lotuzia
Synth3 Osc 80s A Lotuzia
Synth-Chord- Minor Things Lotuzia
SynthAna Studio Ole Jeppesen
SynthCreme Electro bManic
SynthDX Bass+Synth Ole Jeppesen