Alchemy Mobile v1.1.27 Released

27 May 2012

Alchemy Mobile
Alchemy Mobile

We're really pleased to announce the release of Alchemy Mobile v1.1.27, an update to our popular synth for iPhone/iPad.

Alchemy Mobile v1.1.27 lets you move the remix pad using the new Tilt function to translate your physical hand movements into morphing sound changes, while Inertia lets these moves continue under their own steam while you carry on playing. Other new features include quantise to tighten up the timing of your recordings, as well as unlimited record, bounce and export times, further improvements to the keyboard and menu displays, more control over MIDI input and outputs, and iPad 3 retina display graphics.

The Pro Upgrade now lets you record remix pad movements to capture complex sound changes, bookmark your presets to make favourites easier to find, adds more complex quantise functions including triplets and a new 'Clear MIDI performance and loops' option. Upgrading to Pro is easy once you've installed the free version - just tap on the preset name in the upper left, switch to the Libraries page and select the Pro Upgrade to purchase for $14.99 / 11.99 / 10.49.

Three new mobile versions of existing Alchemy libraries are now available on mobile, each featuring 50 presets across a wide variety of sound categories. Biolabs: Dark Space is a nightmare blend of science fiction and horror that is both fascinating yet strangely chilling, Dream Voices is a haunting medley of angelic solos, choral washes and intricately woven vocal gymnastics, while Luftrum: Ambient is a journey between worlds, from summer afternoons to the icy depths of space.

All three are available now as in-app purchases for only $4.99 / 3.99 / 2.99 each. Those of you who own the Alchemy Mobile Pro Upgrade and the equivalent Alchemy or Alchemy Player sound library may download your copy for free. Alchemy Mobile v1.1.27 is available from the iTunes App store as a free download.